Get World Of Warcraft Information

Hey everyone! Thanks for coming to Get World of Warcraft Information; I’ve worked really hard on this site in the past to get the best information possible on all the extras you can get for Wow. These extras include stuff to help you with leveling, making gold, doing dailies, getting achievements, and playing World of Warcraft to the best of your possible potential. I’ve taken a wee break from Wow, but I’m back and I’d really like to get back to being your one source for Wow information!

As I’m sure you all know, Warcraft started out as a RTS (Real Time Strategy) game made by Blizzard Entertainment called Orcs and Humans. They developed a number of other strategy games along the same lines and eventually got to World of Warcraft in November of 2004. Wow is basically ‘the’ Massively Multiplayer Online game to beat in the world today. Lately customers have been dropping off, but there is nothing yet for them to go to (Except maybe SWTOR which comes out December 12, 2011, expect a few reviews of guides to come!). World of Warcraft is insanely popular though, and I think will always have a good size customer base.

Blizzard really goes all out trying to make sure there’s enough for people to do in game, to keep the hardcore players well occupied, and keep the interest of the casual gamer as well. We could go into all the things you can do in the game, but I’ll write up a few articles delineating this for you, as well as how a guide or two can help out with these things. Needless to say, there are many folks out there who have taken it into their hands to create helpful guides to get every player as many things as they want and make things as easy as possible for you in the game.

Just to clarify, there are loads and loads of guides out there. They range from dailies guides, to written guides that help you learn about your class, to gold making guides, to leveling guides and everything in between. It can get really confusing and it’s tough to look at all these sales pages, read through the hype and decides what is actually helpful and what is completely useless and a waste of money. And let’s be honest here, none of us can afford to waste our money in today’s economy.

So that’s where I come in, I’ll look at each and every one of these guides available, and present you with only the very best ones. This way you can go to one place to find the most useful guides for you to use with the game, and not have to deal with sifting through the useless junk. I’ll do my best to be as un-biased as possible, as I’ve worked for most of the guide makers from time to time doing customer service; I take pride in not giving one guide a better review than another unless their product shines! In the end it’s up to you to decide what you need, I hope to be here by your side helping out with getting you the information you need to make those critical decisions.